March, 2020 Edition

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Florence Events Center offers Souvenir Cups

People can now enjoy a beverage from the comfort of their own seat during theater performances at the Florence Events Center! Purchase a Florence Events Center souvenir cup, fill it with your favorite drink and enjoy the show.
The following will provide some information about what you need to know about the event center’s spill proof cups:
• Can I bring a drink into the theater without a Florence Events Center spill proof cup?
No, only drinks in Florence Events Center spill proof cups (or bottled water) will be allowed.
• Can I bring in my own spill proof cup (my travel coffee mug, or a cup from another venue?)
No, only the Florence Events Center spill proof cup will be allowed into the theater.
• Can I get refills?
Yes, refills will be allowed for the price of the drink. Double pours of wine will be available to avoid additional waiting in the concessions line.
• What size are the cups?
Cups currently come in two sizes: 10 oz. and 16 oz.
• What is served in each cup?
Wine in the 10 oz. cups and soda, water and beer in the 16 oz. cups.
• Where are the cups sold?
Cups are sold at concessions just prior to and during events or at the ticket office during normal business hours.
• Will allowing drinks into the theater cause damage?
The integrity of our spaces is second only to our customer’s experiences. The cups are designed to minimize spills that may lead to damage.
• Do I have to buy a spill proof cup to buy a drink?
No. Patrons have the option to buy a drink without purchasing a spill proof cup; however, the beverage will need to be consumed on the flat floor and will not be allowed in the theater.